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Our experience in ecommerce is vast; it’s all we do. Past performance is a strong indicator of future success. Read about the transformational changes achieved by JetRails as we collaborate with our customers.
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Read our speed case study to learn about the transformational changes acheived by our customers.
Growers House
Managed Services
After the JetRails deployment, growershouse.com experienced a substantial performance boost in time to first byte (TTFB) speeds, page load times and concurrent web site visitor capacity . This reduced the bounce rate, improved Google rank and increased revenue generation.
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Furniture Land South
Furniturelandsouth.com is one of the fastest sites within its industry vertical. Optimal performance and speed increased conversion rates, revenue generation and customer satisfaction.
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Splash of Pink
Splashofpink.com was about to launch their largest annual sale alongside Lilly Pulitzer, who boasts more than 1.1 million Facebook followers alone. The boutique apparel company realized that their infrastructure would not adequately support the surge in visitor traffic triggered by their massive sale. On the verge of the epic event, Marc Cesaratto & Eric Wright turned to the JetRails team to build an environment that would scale with demand.
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Restaurant Supply
An influx of automated scanning bots flooded the restaurantsupply.com website  looking for vulnerabilities in the Magento application as well as attempting automated logins into the website's admin area.
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Shop Akira
Crisis Mitigation
The Website was prone to crashing with higher than standard load times. Additional infrastructure was added in an effort to compensate for the site’s declining performance which impacted the operations budget.
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