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    Platform As A Service (PaaS)
    a case study for Amasty PaaS

    Amasty knew that merchants wanted the simplicity of SaaS eCommerce solutions with the flexibility of open-source solutions. They developed a Platform as a Service (PaaS) but needed a hosting partner to provide and manage infrastructure specifically for these Magento 2 sites.

    Founded in 2009, Amasty has spent over a decade building its reputation as a leading Magento extension development team and service provider. They are official Adobe partners, with a team of over 170 professionals, working across 4 offices to serve merchants and partner organizations across the globe.

    “When we began designing this product, we considered multiple hosting providers to support it. After a thorough review, it quickly became apparent that JetRails was the right partner for us. Now that the product is live, we couldn’t be happier with our choice. The JetRails team has had great communication, and has delivered exactly what we were looking for — from the product itself to their support.”
    Eugene Petrov, Technical Lead at Amasty

    Many merchants approached Amasty wishing for the flexibility of a Magento 2 site with the managed maintenance of a SaaS solution. The popular demand for this type of product-led Amasty to formulate a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution, offering managed instances of Magento 2. From the initial design to patching, upgrading, and hosting, merchants want an all-inclusive experience provided seamlessly.

    However, while the team at Amasty is a frontrunner in Magento development, they needed a hosting solution to match their efforts. The solution they needed would have to be performant and reliable. They would also need their PaaS sites s to be deployed quickly and be supported by a team they could reliably work with.

    JetRails Action Plan

    JetRails is well-known for Magento hosting, but this PaaS solution required additional considerations to be addressed. In this case, Amasty would be supporting a large volume of users, so JetRails needed to provide solutions that would make onboarding, management, and support simple.

    While JetRails AWS environments were considered, these single-tenant websites were a perfect match for JetRails fully-managed bare-metal servers. These environments are built to support Magento 2 sites perfectly and can be customized to meet any changing needs that Amasty has as its product evolves. They’re also built to leverage other best-in-class solutions, like Cloudflare’s content delivery network (CDN), Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Redis, and Varnish.

    JetRails designed three infrastructure options to match the PaaS service offers. Since all JetRails infrastructure is scalable, platform resources can be increased as needed.


    Amasty’s team was led through JetRails discovery process, architectural phase, and testing, leading them to successfully launch their new Magento 2 PaaS solution confidently. JetRails environments for the Amasty PaaS can be rapidly deployed, allowing for Amasty to meet their requested 2-day delivery time for handing off new accounts to their clients. These include different environments tailored for websites with variable traffic and resource requirements.

    In addition to delivering these hosting environments, JetRails has also provided a support Slack channel, allowing the Amasty team and JetRails team to collaborate in real time. This makes it easy to address requests and issues quickly and effectively resulting in better end-user experiences. 

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