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“Prior to JetRails, my impression of hosting solutions was they were a necessary component but more or less sitting there in the background. Not the case at all with the team at JetRails! They have been proactively supporting us in every way possible resulting in improved performance and a more secure environment.”

Mike Fleming


Case Study | Magic Murals

Magic Murals is a leading manufacturer and e-commerce retailer of premium quality, custom-printed wallpaper murals, room & wall wraps, and custom graphic wallcoverings. They serve residential, design & trade, and commercial clients worldwide.

Founded in 2010, they began with a mission of providing the highest quality wallpaper murals at the best prices, produced from a curated collection of high definition images, all wrapped up with the best customer service in the industry.

The Challenge

Magic Murals tried other hosts ranging from Rackspace to Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP). They experienced frequent issues and found that support technicians at other hosts simply didn’t have the expertise and resources to comprehensively solve their problems. Rather than proactive solutions, they were constantly chasing vendors just to keep their site live and operable.

The JetRails Action Plan

JetRails properly architected, configured, and optimized a Magento hosting environment for Magic Murals. This fully-managed monitored and maintained Magento Cluster has stood the test of time thanks to the JetRails team, the Magento hosting support experts that the Magic Murals team has relied on for many years. This included working the deployment of Varnish caching with the JetRails Varnish extension for Magento, to speed up the Magento Time To First Byte (TTFB). The sites TTFB is now down to a blazing fast 160ms.

In addition to strong uptime and site stability and site speed, JetRails comprehensive support has been able to identify Magento security vulnerabilities before they were exploited so that coding issues could be addressed by their web developers. This has kept the client’s website safer and even more secure than the already hardened and PCI Compliant hosting environment that JetRails provides for them.

The Results

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Improvement in page speed.
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Improvement in domain look up speed.
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Improvement in server connection time.

“Jetrails has been an outstanding partner and a great technical resource for our organization.  Our hosting has been extremely reliable and performance has improved dramatically.  Average page load times are down 43%, domain lookup times are down 49%, and server connection times are down 80%.  Overall, Jetrails has helped us improve our user experience for every visitor.” – Scott Woodard, CMO, MagicMurals.com