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Load Testing

Don't think your website can handle your traffic load. Know It!

You want as many eCommerce shoppers to be browsing and making purchases from your website as possible. Whether you’re planning large marketing campaigns, are about to be featured in the news or on a reality TV show, or simply see spikes in traffic for Black Friday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or some other predictable occurrence, you need to know that your website can support enough concurrent shoppers. 

At JetRails, that’s why we offer eCommerce load testing for on-premise platforms like Magento. We run tests to simulate real visitors to your website to make sure that your hosting environment is ready for your anticipated or potential traffic spikes.

If you’ve load tested your site in the past, but have made iterative updates and changes, can handle, it’s still important to load test now. It means the difference between thinking that your website is ready for your biggest traffic spikes, and knowing that it’s ready.

If your website is hosted with JetRails, and we find that you’re in need of more hosting resources, we can provide additional long-term hardware and servers, or we can provide short-term booster servers to get you through your busy season. These boosters increase the traffic capacity of your website when you’ll need them, without increasing your ongoing monthly hosting costs long-term.

Alternatively, for larger clients, we can deploy and manage servers on AWS, load balancing and autoscaling on one of the most advanced clouds in order to provide both horizontal and vertical elasticity.

Ready to have your site load tested? Simply fill out the contact form on this page, and we’ll reach out to plan and schedule tests for your website.

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