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Read our speed case study to learn about the transformational changes acheived by our customers.
What Is JetRails?

JetRails is your hosting partner, providing the fastest fully-managed Magento deployments in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud and on dedicated servers. Our platform continuously integrates the latest technologies to keep your store fast and secure with the ability to scale on demand.

The JetRails team consists of strategic thinkers with years of ecommerce infrastructure experience. We do our homework to understand your business objectives before working to set technology goals. Our specialty is custom-engineered solutions for how you work, sell and grow. At the end of the day; ecommerce is about people, not servers.

Support Philosophy

Chicago-based experts are available 24/7 to remove the technological burden from your team. Our philosophy is simple – when the phone rings, an ecommerce support expert picks it up in less than 10 seconds. We don’t like navigating phone menus so we don’t have them. When every moment counts, you should not have to wait for emergency support.

Whatever your emergency is, or whatever you’ve been troubleshooting for the past few weeks or months – we have already seen it, figured it out, and fixed it. Our vast experience allows us to proactively anticipate challenges before they ever become problematic.

JetRails Servers & AWS Cloud

Whether you choose to host servers in one of our world-class Data Centers or in the AWS Cloud, JetRails offers the most comprehensively-managed solution for every deployment. Regardless of the environment, we will configure and monitor your platform to create unparalleled speed and optimize the delivery of your content.

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Managed Security

The JetRails environment provides the highest levels of security ensuring compliance with key standards and regulations. Our proprietary platform helps mitigate risks and protects the vital security of your business.

We update security on a daily basis and proactively communicate Magento security patch releases as they become available. Automated countermeasures are rigorously imposed with adaptive firewalls, intrusion detection, private network routing and full end-to-end in-flight encryption.

A least privilege policy is enforced allowing only authorized users to access the environment. IP restriction protocols and Geoblocking to eradicate malicious activity are part of our security suite. PCI compliance is provided out of the box and our team will work to ensure that your company can gain certification.

Performance Monitoring

JetRails detects environmental slow downs and alerts our 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC). Proactive monitoring of your environment comes standard with every JetRails deployment. Using a mix of open source and proprietary tools, we ensure consistent website performance.

Carefully-structured platform monitoring helps you to capitalize on marketing dollars, improve SEO rankings and decrease cart abandonment. Most importantly, your customers will appreciate the consistently-fast site navigation.

Rapid Content Delivery

A faster ecommerce store generates more revenue. Merchants experience a 7% conversion loss with every additional second of load time. The JetRails platform is built for speed with layers of caching, accelerators and content distribution networks to make your site faster. Every second matters when the success of your ecommerce store is defined by its speed.

Scalable Infrastructure

The stability of your online store during traffic spikes, marketing campaigns, or seasonal peaks is essential to generating revenue. The JetRails platform has been preconfigured to be scalable. Web servers and web nodes can easily be added and removed from your environment to accommodate increases in visitor traffic. Whether you are hosting in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud or on dedicated servers, JetRails takes the complexity out of scaling your infrastructure.

Managed Migrations

JetRails veteran platform engineers handle the migration process with surgical precision. Every step is validated through a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process for a seamless migration. We become an extension of your team from start to finish and there is practically no effort required on your part.

The process starts off by deploying the infrastructure and cloning your web files and database. Optimization comes next and includes configuration adjustments and set up of multiple caching layers for speed. Every aspect of performance, security and monitoring is verified and tested before scheduling the cut-over.

What Is JetRails? Support Philosophy JetRails Servers & AWS Cloud Managed Security Performance Monitoring Rapid Content Delivery Scalable Infrastructure Managed Migrations
20 yearsContinuous e-commerce hosting
10 SecondsSupport response time
100%Network uptime
Accelerated Hosting Platforms

Optimized to be fast in the AWS Cloud and on Dedicated Servers

JetRails Servers
  • Single-tennant dedicated infrastructure
  • High performance bare metal servers
  • SSD based local storage with RAID
  • Intuitive server control panel
  • Best performance per dollar
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JetRails in AWS
  • Configurations to maximize the Cloud environment
  • Geographic diversity that is unparalleled
  • Scalable to meet spikes in demand
  • Resources paid for as you use them
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Case Studies
Speed Crisis Mitigation Security Scalability Managed Services
Challenge:As the largest furniture store in the world, Furnitureland South wanted to improve the speed and performance of their online presence. The configuration of their hosting environment was not fully optimized leading to slow page load times. As a result, conversion rates and SEO were not completely maximized.
JetRails Action Plan:The JetRails team migrated the site to a Magento specific JetRails hosting platform. The Deployment of a scalable hosting solution with multiple caching layers ensured optimized delivery of content and speed.
Results:Furniturelandsouth.com is one of the fastest sites within its industry vertical. Optimal performance and speed increased conversion rates, revenue generation and customer satisfaction.
Challenge:The Website was prone to crashing with higher than standard load times. Additional infrastructure was added in an effort to compensate for the site’s declining performance which impacted the operations budget.
JetRails Action Plan:We established a team to investigate the occurrences. A 3rd party shipping module for Magento was identified which was impacting the performance of the database server. This module was responsible for increased load times and triggering the site to crash. We resolved the issue and implemented protocols to prevent similar issues from reoccurring.
Results:After the JetRails intervention, their Magento site operated smoothly and with speeds that rivaled top competitors within their industry vertical. Operational expenses and the need for emergency crisis intervention was eliminated.
Challenge:An influx of automated scanning bots flooded the restaurantsupply.com Website looking for vulnerabilities in the Magento application as well as attempting automated logins into the Website's admin area.
JetRails Action Plan:The JetRails team provisioned an optimized configuration which enhanced local security and added a content delivery network (CDN). Direct access to public facing servers was removed and all traffic was filtered through a web application firewall.
Results:A secure, stable and fast environment which allowed valid traffic while blocking malicious activity was created without any further impact to the customer. We imposed our own proprietary blacklist with Geoblocking and protocols were put in place to mitigate future security concerns.
Challenge:Splashofpink.com was about to launch their largest annual sale alongside Lilly Pulitzer, who boasts more than 1.1 million Facebook followers alone. The boutique apparel company realized that their infrastructure would not adequately support the surge in visitor traffic triggered by their massive sale. On the verge of the epic event, Marc Cesaratto & Eric Wright turned to the JetRails team to build an environment that would scale with demand.
JetRails Action Plan:The JetRails team provided splashofpink.com with a turn-key, custom-engineered environment. The new configuration included additional web servers and multiple caching layers which allowed the website to scale up quickly on demand. This highly elastic and temporary solution ensured that splashofpink.com would withstand the strain of additional traffic with navigation speeds that rivaled industry standards.
Results:With the launch of sale, splashofpink.com experienced nearly double the conversion rate the first day alone jumping from 3% from 2017 to 5% in 2018. The site withstood the massive influx of visitors with 100% uptime. The JetRails environment is a highly scalable, elastic configuration that will allow splashofpink.com to capitalize on future opportunities with confidence. With no long-term investment required for additional infrastructure, current operations budget remained intact.
Challenge:Growershouse.com was in need of a technology partner that could function as part of their in-house operational support team to optimize the hosting platform and increase speed and web site conversion rates.
JetRails Action Plan:The JetRails Team migrated growershouse.com to a clustered solution ensuring their website was performing optimally. Working in partnership, a technology strategy was developed and implemented offering continuous support and monitoring as business needs continued to evolve and grow.
Results:After the JetRails deployment, growershouse.com experienced a substantial performance boost in time to first byte (TTFB) speeds, page load times and concurrent web site visitor capacity . This reduced the bounce rate, improved Google rank and increased revenue generation.
Our Customers
David Keith
Director at Growers House
"We sought a partner that not only appreciated our goals, but had the know-how to guide us in the right direction. JetRails was the perfect partner for this effort as their knowledge of Magento and knack for creating optimal user experiences is second to none."
David Ko
"The process of moving Bachrach.com to the JetRails® Pro Cluster Platform was the easiest transition I’ve been a part of. David also praised the flawless support team, saying it’s been instantaneous – there are no automated prompts. When you call, a real Magento specialist picks up the phone."
Sara Kim
Ecommerce Buyer & Marketing Director
"Migrating to JetRails has been one of the best decisions we've made. Support is there around the clock, extremely fast, and responsive. Our programmer is especially appreciative of our now stable and predictable environment, and he finally has some peace of mind knowing there is another team out there monitoring our site at all times."
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