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    Q:When should you sign up for a Magento Hosting account?

    Ideally, you should sign up for a Magento hosting environment before you start building your Magento site. This will allow you to test your site under conditions that closely mirror your site’s live hosting environment and avoid spending additional time and effort adapting your code to a new environment.

    Q:Where should your Magento site be hosted?

    Preferably as close as possible to your target audience. If you are targeting users in North America, it’s best to have your Magento site operating from a hosting account on a server in a data center in North America. That’s true whether you’re using traditional dedicated servers, or a cloud hosting solution such as AWS or DigitalOcean.

    Q:Is all Magento Hosting the same?

    All Magento hosts should be able to at least run a very basic Magento website. However, the best Magento hosts have more platform-specific expertise and provide better resources and support.  Hosting companies also take different approaches to your platform.  Some hosts will deploy a server and hand over the keys, and others will monitor, backup, update, secure, and generally maintain the hosting platform.  Similarly, not all Magento hosts have actual Magento experts on staff.

    Q:What’s the difference between Single-tenant and Multi-tenant Magento Hosting?

    Some hosts will provide you with an account on a bare-metal or cloud server where they host other websites. When at all possible, it’s always better to host in an environment that’s dedicated to your Magento website, and nothing else. This allows for a good Magento host to optimize and secure your hosting environment which helps to avoid situations in which other websites may be causing slowdowns and security breaches.

    Q:Should I get Magento Cloud Hosting or Magento Dedicated Server Hosting?

    For users with predictable traffic patterns, traditional servers will usually provide a better value without sacrificing performance or reliability. For users that often go viral without warning, an autoscaling cloud environment is recommended. Additionally, users that need hosting in various regions of the world will likely benefit from cloud hosting infrastructure. Either way, you’ll need expert system administrators to  manage, maintain, and optimize your hosting environment.

    Q:What’s the difference between Magento Fully-Managed Hosting and unmanaged hosting?

    It’s the difference between having a bumper-to-bumper warranty on your vehicle and maintaining a car yourself at home. If you’re a particularly good mechanic and have the right tools and enough time, then perhaps maintaining your own vehicle makes sense. However, Magento hosting is a 24/7/365 job. If you don’t have your own team of sysadmins to monitor and manage your web hosting round-the-clock, you’d be a lot better off with a fully managed Magento hosting provider that will proactively ensure that your hosting account is in good shape.

    Q:Is Magento 1 hosting the same as Magento 2 hosting?

    Nope. While they have many requirements in common, there are unique Magento 1 and Magento 2 hosting requirements. Additionally, if you started with Magento 1, your hosting account may be due for a security overhaul anyway. You should consider a fresh hosting environment that’s optimized for Magento 2. Additionally, if you’re on Magento 1, you should consider a Magento 1 End of Life hosting solution that includes additional security.

    Q:What kind of hosting support do I need for my Magento site?

    Thanksgiving just ended,  it’s Black Friday. Your biggest revenue day of the year. You’re having hosting issues. We’re confident that you’re going to want mission-critical support, including phone support. We’re also confident that you’re going to want a hosting SLA that includes fast and meaningful support responses. 

    Q:What kind of security should my Magento Hosting include?

    Most Magento sites interact with sensitive data, including customer and payment data. Additionally, most Magento sites use a variety of extensions and customizations and don’t necessarily install security patches the day that they’re published. These are just examples of the reasons that Magento sites need robust layers of security, including Intrusion Detection, Malware Scanning, and Web Application Firewalling, which a Magento host can configure and maintain for you. Additionally, your hosting environment should follow least-privileged-access principles, and you should have off-server backups running. These are just examples of what your Magento host should be doing to keep your site safe and secure. Depending on the compliances that you’re responsible for, you may have unique requirements. For instance, Magento websites that accept payment cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express are responsible for adhering to PCI compliance standards.

    Q:What kind of monitoring should my Magento Host provide?

    If you’re experiencing a DDoS attack, running out of server resources, or experiencing an active Magento security incident, you’re going to want your host to know about it as quickly as possible to help address any issues. They should be part of any uptime and security monitoring. Similarly, if your site is taking longer to load than normal, your Magento hosting environment may be involved in the slowdown, and your Magento host should be aware and ready to act.

    Q:What about flexibility, tailoring, and optimization of my Magento hosting environment?

    Your Magento site is unique. If you spin up a “plain vanilla” Magento hosting environment, chances are that your particular site won’t load well in it. Your Magento host should be able to help you configure and optimize your Magento environment for you.

    Q:Are Magento Hosting consultation services available for those that self-host?

    If you’re confident in your hosting capabilities, but need a la carte consulting services to address a particular need, providers like JetRails offer Magento hosting consultation services.

    Q:How can I tell if my Magento Hosting environment can scale to handle my peak traffic spikes?

    You mean you haven’t run a Magento Load Test yet? If you’re worried about Magento handling traffic spikes, you should. Even in an autoscaling hosting environment, there could be bottlenecks within your Magento site, such as with Magento Extensions that have surprising bottlenecks or external APIs that can’t handle a rapid scale-up of your traffic. The only way to know is to test.

    Q:If I just need to migrate from an old hosting environment to a new Magento Host, how difficult is it?

    Copying files and databases and changing DNS records is not particularly difficult for an experienced professional. However, Magento hosting migration services are about more than just copying materials. When done well, this service includes testing and tweaking, ensuring that your site loads well in your new Magento hosting environment before you direct your shoppers to the new hosting account.

    Q:What if I use WordPress, Drupal, or another CMS side-by-side with Magento?

    Whether your Magento site is headless, or you’re operating a separate blog or informational website side by side with your Magento instance, you should have properly optimized and secured hosting for each platform. There are Magento hosts that also specialize at hosting platforms like WordPress and Drupal, and there are others that only work with Magento. We find that, if you have work with one team that can help with both well, that’s always best.

    Q:How easy is it to identify what Magento hosting resources my hosting environment will need?

    If a Magento host is having you select your hosting environment from their website on your own, or is only asking about your revenue, they don’t have the right data to deploy a Magento hosting environment that’s tailored to your needs. It’s one of the most common reasons that Magento hosting environments fail. A good Magento host will ask about everything from traffic stats to disk usage. Most of the time, you or your Magento developers will be able to provide all of the necessary data points within 10 minutes – however those minutes can be worth their proverbial weight in gold.

    Q:How involved should my Magento host be with my loading speed optimization?

    Your Magento host plays a significant role in keeping your TTFB low and other facets of Magento speed optimization. They should be helping with solutions like Varnish caching optimized for Magento and Cloudflare’s CDN integrated with Magento.

    Q:Have more questions about Magento Hosting?

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