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    Let JetRails Help You Find a Magento Developer, Agency, or Tech Provider

    We're here to match you up with the right Magento experts and vendors

    What Resources Do You Need?

    The experts at JetRails have relationships with some of the best Magento agencies, developers, consultancies, digital marketers, and ecommerce tech providers all over the world. Tell us what your needs are, and we’ll introduce a trusted resource to you. It’s that simple. We help you clear the clutter and connect you to real experts.

      Q:How does JetRails vet Magento Agencies and resources?

      At JetRails, we don’t charge fees to participate in our partner program – nor do we recommend every one of our partners automatically or for all projects. We’re proud of our strong reputation as a trusted web host in the Magento community.

      When it comes to web development, feedback from our mutual customers is our first consideration when we’re determining whether to recommend a company. If a Magento dev agency is doing great work for our existing clients, it’s easy for us to recommend them. We know that their work is of a high quality and standard. 

      Similarly, we chat with clients and partners in order to learn which integrations and addons are providing the best value and are leading to the best outcomes. If our support team notices a pattern of a SaaS solution failing, we take notice. Our goal is always to recommend vendors and solutions that have a high degree of reliability.

      Q:How many introductions does JetRails typically make?

      We respect your time and resources, as well as the resources of our partners and other companies that we recommend. With that in mind, we try to recommend as close to 1 provider as possible. In some cases, we will provide you with multiple suggestions, however, we’d rather put the time into pairing you with the right vendor, rather than taking up everyone’s time needlessly.

      Q:What kind of information could help JetRails make a good recommendation?

      It really depends on your specifications and requirements. If you’re not sure what your Magento development needs are, we have a couple of helpful articles that we think you’ll appreciate:

      These articles cover a range of topics including:

      • Portfolios, Experience, and Expertise
      • Quality Assurance & Testing
      • Communications & Reporting
      • In-house Resources
      • Billing Models
      • Project Management Styles
      • Additional Offered Services
      • Availability & Timelines
      • And more!
      Q:What if I receive a suggestion that’s not a good match?

      There are easily dozens of reasons why you might or might not mesh well with a Magento agency or vendor. We respect that part of the process can require a further narrowing of requirements. If we recommend a company that’s not a good match, and you’d like us to try again, just let us know where our suggestion came up short for you, and we’ll see if we have a better recommendation based on your feedback.

      Q:What does this service cost?

      While JetRails does offer web hosting consulting services, if you know what you’re looking for in a Magento Agency or similar provider that’s not part of your web hosting environment, we will not charge you to recommend a vendor. Please note that as this service is provided as a courtesy, there may be limits to the amount of communications that we can provide as part of the process. For instance, if you don’t yet know what you’re looking for and need significant strategy sessions to brainstorm, that would not be part of this matchmaking process.

      Q:How does JetRails benefit from this?

      This program started as a simple benefit for our clients. We’re known for providing white-glove support, and we have a vested interest in our clients working with reputable and reliable vendors. When they don’t, it can tie up our support resources and hurt our customers.

      Q:Do I have to be a JetRails customer?

      No. Our intention is to provide this service to as many members of the Magento community as possible. The major work was in launching this matchmaking service – making a few extra introductions is our pleasure. This is a great way to get introduced to the JetRails team without signing up for our Magento website hosting services.

      It’s the same way that we’ve never charged a Magento agency, developer, merchant, technology provider, or other guest to join us for an episode of The JetRails Podcast. We believe in helping to share information and help merchants find the right resources to be successful. It’s part of our mission.

      Q:Does JetRails have other complementary services?

      Yes! We have free Magento extensions for Cloudflare users as well as a Magento 1 two-factor-authentication extension that are available to the public on GitHub. We also have a Magento TTFB speed test and offer an external/cursory Magento security audit at no charge. We love finding ways to bring to the Magento community, even for users that are not considering signing up for our dedicated servers or managed AWS hosting solutions.

      Q:I’ve gotten this far, and I’m not sure what a Magento Agency or Vendor is…

      Magento, now an Adobe company, is one of the most robust, flexible, and scalable eCommerce solutions available to online sellers. A Magento Agency is a team that provides services related to designing, developing, and/or maintaining Magento websites. You can get definitions for many more common Magento terms in our Magento Glossary. It’s a great way to learn to speak “Magento-ese”.