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    Cloudflare Dashboard For Magento

    Made with ❤ by JetRails

    JetRails Has Built A Cloudflare Extension For Magento

    As a CDN Technology Partner, Cloudflare brings security and acceleration enhancements to the JetRails Hosting Platform. We picked the most relevant features for online merchants and built them directly into your Magento Administrator Control Panel.

    Control and modify these powerful features without leaving your store’s admin portal: Global CDN Passthrough, DDoS Mitigation, Cache Purge, JS Minification and Image Optimization.

    It’s wonderful when everything works seamlessly.

    The jetrails/magento-cloudflare & jetrails/magento2-cloudflare plugins are open source and are hosted on Github. Feel free to open an issue and request features there. The Magento 2 module is also available on the Magento Marketplace and can be found here.

    Go Faster & Go Global With CDN

    The Cloudflare Content Distribution Network is all about being local. By intelligently caching your data in over 150 strategically placed global data centers, your customers have a faster shopping experience.

    Full Cache Management With Rapid Purge

    Instantly purge, pause and enable your Cloudflare cache after rolling out new code and products.

    Instant Access To Development Mode

    Bypass the worldwide cache during troubleshooting and development.

    100% Uptime Guarantee

    Enable Cloudflare’s Always Online feature from your dashboard ensuring that your website’s most popular static pages are kept online even if your site is down momentarily.

    Configure Your Store For Speed

    Deliver lightning fast speeds to optimize the browsing experience, increase customer engagement, increase conversions and reduce costs.

    Minify Your Source Code

    Reduce loading times and increase speed by auto-minifying your JS, HTML and CSS source code.

    Optimize Images On Demand

    Automatically resize and resample product images to boost performance.

    Maximize Mobile Experience

    Intelligent image and file delivery on mobile devices to maximize performance based on device capabilities and network connection.

    DNS Built For Security

    Leverage secure DNS services to hide your server IP behind the massive Cloudflare DDoS protection filter. Most CDNs only host your files, Cloudflare has you fully covered.

    Full Control of DNS Records

    Instantly react to problems and manage your own DNS records. Fast and convenient access for your Magento Admins means less bottlenecks when seconds count.

    One-Click Cloudflare Enablement

    Modify A records, add and remove mail servers (MX) and create CNAME, it’s fast and easy.

    Bypass DNS Obfuscation With Real IP

    Enable direct access to your real IP when required for API calls and ERP integration.

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