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    Recommended Magento 2 Open Source Site Examples

    As a leading Magento web host, we’re often asked to give examples of cool Magento websites. For privacy reasons, we’re not able to share some of our more famous clients – it’s not unusual for merchants to choose not to advertise which vendors they work with on infrastructure and security – so we’ve polled industry experts as part of our #CommunityCollaboration series of articles, and have come up with some great examples.

    These sites are all built with Magento 2. While we still support a variety of M1 sites through our Magento 1 Security program, the goal was to showcase sites built with the more modern version of this eCommerce software. 

    Similarly, we’ve chosen to showcase Magento Open Source projects in this article. Magento has no shortage of publicly available case studies on users of their paid enterprise software. While we support a wide variety of Magento Commerce users with tailored, flexible, scalable, and highly-supported web hosting, our goal for this article has been to focus on M2 Open Source, knowing that a majority of users select Magento Open Source over Magento Commerce and there are simply not as many readily-available examples of these sites.

    Who are these industry experts, and what did we ask them? They work at leading Magento agencies, and we asked them to share their favorite Magento 2 Open Source sites.


    Recommendation from Ben Chafetz of 121eCommerce

    NutraMedix Magento 2 Open Source

    Nutramedix was maintaining an aging, bug-ridden Magento 1 Open Source site that had been compromised to the point that they were afraid to take orders. It was time to move to Magento 2 for its security, speed, and added functionality. Only one problem. They only had a few months to get their Magento 2 site live before their biggest day of the year. Black Friday.

    Nutramedix chose to stay on Open Source when migrating to Magento 2 to reduce costs of a license, but that also meant losing out on all the B2B features that come native to Magento Commerce that they were looking to add. To achieve a true B2B experience on Open Source, we helped them choose some great B2B extensions that mimicked many features of the B2B suite that comes native with Magento Commerce. We launched their new Magento 2 Open Source site in time for Black Friday and it turned out to be their best sales day ever.


    Recommendations from Sergiu Tabaran of Absolute Web

    Glo Skin Beauty Magento 2 Open Source

    “Glo Skin Beauty’s migration to Magento 2 included custom UX/UI designs and custom integration with their ERP solution. This project needed the power and flexibility of Magento 2 Open Source and leveraged its flexibility and capability to support customizations, since many features needed to be custom-built, and not out of the box.

    This project is a masterpiece, integrating top-notch tech solutions like JetRails, Klevu, LoyaltyLion, and custom-built modules by Absolute Web including a Bulk Order Tool, Quiz Module, and Custom Gallery.”


    RAndCo Magento 2 Open Source

    “This website is a product of combining the M2 Open Source backend with a Vue Storefront PWA frontend. By utilizing both tech stacks, the website delivers a super-fast user experience due to leveraging the full capability of the progressive web app (PWA).”


    Recommendation from Joe Rollinson of BestWorlds

    TAG Motosports Magento 2 Open Souce_Community Edition

    “TAG Motorsports went with Magento 2 Open Source because of its ability to have a highly integrated image gallery that showcases their work on high-end vehicles. On gallery pages, you’ll find links off to products that were used for the custom build. On product pages, you’ll see custom builds that include the part.

    Since they sell auto parts and have unique shipping requirements, ShipperHQ was integrated to handle their unique shipping rules.”


    Recommendation from Zach Stutzman of InteractOne

    Sam Villa Magento 2 Open Source

    “Sam Villa is a US-based manufacturer and retailer of Professional styling tools for hairdressers designed by a hairdresser for maximum ergonomic comfort. Trusted by professionals the world over, their brushes, combs, shears, and accessories are designed with the hairdresser in mind for ergonomic, well-balanced comfort. Sam Villa partnered with Interactone to migrate their old website from Magento 1 and WordPress to Magento 2.  We also made many design, user experience, and back-end improvements.

    Highlights of the project include:

    – Chic updated design to speak to design sensitive target market

    – Rich content all controlled from the Magento admin

    – Data migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

    – Data migration from WordPress to Magento 2

    – Salesforce integration

    – Native Magento blog linked in with site content and catalog

    – Social integration via Yotpo

    – Video tutorial library

    – ERP integration”


    While there are many tens of thousands of Magento 2 Open Source sites in the wild, we hope that these examples help you to see some of the benefits that this highly-customizable platform provides to merchants. 

    Are you an agency that would like to nominate a site to be included in this article? We’d welcome you to reach out to our partnership team in order to share thoughts, including for future #CommunityCollaboration articles!

    Interested in more collaborative content like this? Check out some of our other #CommunityCollaboration articles, such as:

    About The Author
    Robert Rand
    Director of Partnerships & Alliances

    Robert is a Magento 1 and 2 Solution Specialist with over a decade of experience in helping merchants benefit from sound ecommerce and digital marketing strategies. He’s highly experienced at harnessing the power of ecommerce technologies and solutions to help businesses of all types and sizes grow and succeed.

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