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Your Magento Storefront is Vulnerable

Secure Your Site with JetRails Two-factor Authentication for Magento 1

Passwords are the easiest attack vector for gaining access into an ecommerce back-end. With a stock Magento installation, a user is only given one method of authentication. By adding the JetRails Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Extension for Magento, security is significantly strengthened. Two-factor authentication is a critical component for security and is widely used by Magento backend admin users.

Download A Free Copy From Github

The JetRails 2FA Extension Includes:

  • Targeted 2FA enforcement per user or role
  • Administrator break-in notification
  • Authentication can be bypassed for a set time period
  • User enrollment and compliance summary report
  • Emergency user recovery codes for lost 2FA device
  • Account breach detection and prevention protocols
  • Adjustable number of failed login attempts
  • Configurable user temporary ban duration
  • Compatible with mobile operating systems (Android and iPhone)

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