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Season 1 of “The JetRails Podcast” for the Ecommerce Community

March 8, 2019
JetRails News

We know that for many merchants and ecommerce practitioners it can be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest news, tips, and insights. At JetRails, we strive to bring you meaningful information through our blog, our social media accounts including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, Telegram, and the occasional informative email. We’ve even begun taping videos with industry experts to help provide content in a more dynamic format.

However, many of you are maxing out on screen time, limiting your ability to stay in-the-know on topics that are crucial to your success. That’s why we’ve created “The JetRails Podcast,” a podcast for folks in the ecommerce industry created by the ecommerce hosting experts at JetRails and featuring guests from across the spectrum of web development, digital marketing, tech, and ecommerce management.

We highly encourage you to subscribe to The JetRails Podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts such as iTunes, Google Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher, Spotify, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, aCast, BullHorn, Castbox, Spreaker, TuneIn, PodChaser, PlayerFM, PodBean, Deezer, Blubrry, PodTail, DigitalPodcasts, CastroFM, or PocketCasts. The videos of our podcasts are available on YouTube and Facebook. You can also listen to the episodes right here:

To kick start the podcast season, we launched Episode 1 about transitioning from Magento 1 to Magento 2 that includes our friends at Collins Harper.

Episode 2 is a follow-up to our first episode, and looks at the Progressions of Magento 2 from its initial launch in 2015, through the release of Magento 2.3.1 in 2019. We touch on some of the major improvements to Magento that came with 2.0 and subsequent releases.

Episode 3 dives into Best Practices for Magento Data Management and includes guests from 121eCommerce and nChannel for a discussion about Magento’s API’s, flat-file import and export, and connecting directly to Magento’s database.

Episode 4, The Past, Present, and Future of Online Reviews, includes special guest James Denker of Trustpilot for a multifaceted conversation about generating more orders with a proactive strategy for product reviews and merchant reviews.

Episode 5, Comparing Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce on B2C Shopper Experience, includes Alex Povolotski of Collins Harper and is our first episode in a series that compares how the free Open Source version of Magento and the paid Commerce version. We discussed features that retailers can use in Magento Commerce to improve the frontend user experience, along with ways that Magento Open Source users can add similar functionalities to their stores.

Episode 6, Increasing orders through eCommerce optimization, is our first episode on conversion rate optimization and how to compete in an eCommerce landscape dominated by behemoths like Amazon. Jay Omar from Bolt joined us to discuss important solutions, including checkout optimization and credit card fraud prevention built to minimize friction for shoppers. 

Episode 7, Competing with Amazon’s Delivery Data, takes a very different look at conversion optimization. This interview, which includes longtime eCommerce merchant Raphael Neff of ChessHouse.com and Akhilesh Srivastava the founder of Fenix Commerce looks at removing friction from the shopping experience by sharing accurate real-time delivery estimates, similar to what Amazon is able to do. Seeing this technology come to market for merchants of all sizes helps to highlight that for those that are in it to win it, it is possible to compete with the user experience of even the largest eCommerce websites.

Episode 8Can Shoppers Trust Your eCommerce Site As Much As They Trust Amazon?, includes special guests Eric Thorson and Mark Wilkinson from the Norton Shopping Guarantee team for a discussion about making shoppers feel comfortable making purchases on your eCommerce site. In a time when identity theft is common, it’s more important than ever to instill confidence in shoppers so that they purchase directly from you. Tune in to learn what savvy merchants are doing!

Episode 9, Can You Compete With 2-Day Shipping?, includes George Wojciechowski, Co-Founder of ShipBob. In a nutshell, shoppers expect orders to be delivered quickly and cheaply. Merchants are compelled to compete. We discuss logistics, fulfillment, and other important factors… and Robert finally finds out where the name ShipBob came from!

Episode 10, Are you leaving $$$ on the table with your shipping carriers?, features Jose Li, Founder & CEO of 71lbs as we touch on fees from shipping carriers like UPS and FedEx. The reality is that most shippers are paying these carriers more in fees than they should be. For instance, if a shipment arrives late, you may be entitled to a full refund. Learn from an expert about where you’re overpaying your shipping carrier, and how to recoup those funds.

Episode 11, The Journey to Entering the Magento Marketplace, features Brandon Gell, the Founder & CEO of Clyde and Dan Kozlowski, the Founder & CTO of Xumulus as we discuss the experience of these two teams working together to get Clyde’s Magento Extension created and listed in the Magento Marketplace.

Episode 12, will help you to answer the question Are you really listening to your eCommerce Analytics? With the help of Meaghan Connell & AJ Yager, the founders of Praxis Metrics, we’ve certainly given merchants a lot to think about. If you want help understanding what stories your data should be telling you, we’ll help you to identify major KPIs and metrics that will empower you to improve your eCommerce business.

Episode 13, is about moving beyond luck, and following Best Practices in eCommerce QA Testing. Robert is joined by Bhavani Ramasubbu, QA Lead & Quality Architect at DCKAP, and Karthik Chidambara, DCKAP’s Founder & CEO. Learn more about how DCKAP took their own strive for excellence in web development and created a QA solution that’s now used by other developers and agencies.

Episode 14, Is a deep dive into eCommerce E-mail Marketing done right. From building strong lists, to sending the right content to the right shoppers at the right time, there’s a lot that can impact the success of your E-mail campaigns. At the end of the day, they can have an outsized impact on your customer lifetime values. Intrigued? Be sure to listen in to hear great tips and recommendations from our guests, Joe Devine of Emarsys and Steve Wagner of Webbula.

In Episode 15, we discuss Headless Commerce with Daniel Fertig, Global Director of Agency Partnerships at BigCommerce. Creating opportunities for merchants to marry together a SaaS eCommerce platform (BigCommerce) with a range of different frontend CMS solutions like WordPress and Drupal, has created an “Open SaaS” option for eCommerce store owners to benefit from. Learn more about Why BigCommerce is taking this path, and what their experiences have been in bringing these solutions to market.

Episode 16 includes Robert Floyd, a Product Designer and Creative Director at Gauge for a discussion about designing Magento websites. If you’re planning to have your Magento store designed or re-designed, do you know what to expect? Well, after listening to this conversation, you’ll be much better prepared for a successful design project!

Episode 17 dives into the world of eCommerce Partnerships. Should your eCommerce platform, agency, host, and other vendors be partnered? What are the benefits and risks? What’s in your best interest? Rachel Jacobs of Ecommerce Partnerships helps us break down a complex topic to give you a peek behind the curtain.

Episode 18 includes Cooper Harris and Daren Limas of Klickly for a discussion about pay for performance marketing. After all, what brand wouldn’t want to ads with a guaranteed Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for their Magento store?

(Special Offer – Klickly is currently by invite only, but as JetRails Podcast Subscribers, you can skip the line.)

We’re hard at work on the next episodes, so if you have a topic request or know someone that would be a great guest, be sure to let us know! We also welcome your comments and feedback!

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