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    Drupal Association Member Benefits

    Complimentary services for Drupal Association members

    Are you an official member of the Drupal Association? If so, we have some special offers for you! Drupal users that are not yet benefiting from a JetRails Drupal Hosting solution can choose one of these 3 Drupal Association member benefits:

    Drupal Hosting Cost Audit

    Do you feel like you’re overpaying to host your Drupal website? Has your web host been telling you to add more hardware when your hosting environment may just need to be better optimized? We’ll provide a free analysis of your existing hosting environment in order to help you identify the best course of action for your organization.

    Drupal Cloud Migration Assessment

    Has your organization been thinking about moving to a public cloud like AWS or Digital Ocean? JetRails will review the specifics of your Drupal instance and provide a free cost/benefit analysis for staying on bare metal vs. moving to the cloud.

    JetRails customers host both on bare metal servers and on public clouds like AWS, so we’re in a great position to help you do the math.

    Drupal Load Test

     Is your Drupal site ready for that big marketing campaign that you’ve scheduled? Or those seasonal traffic spikes that you anticipate? JetRails will provide a free Drupal website load test of your dedicated hosting environment to help you find any bottlenecks.

    Why a dedicated environment? A load test simulates users visiting your website. If you’re in a multi-tenant or shared environment, and your hosting environment is indeed unable to support the traffic that’s being simulated, it could temporarily impact the other users that you’re being hosted with. Whenever possible, load tests are done to a staging server. If you don’t have a staging server, we can work with you to schedule an “after hours” load test, to take place when your web traffic is normally at its lowest point.

    We’re proud to support the Drupal Association. These member benefits are just one more way that we’re able to give back to the community. Is there another way that we can support you? We hope to hear from you!

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      Drupal Association Member Benefit:
      Hosting Cost AuditCloud Migration AssessmentWebsite Load Test