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    Why Do Magento 2 Store Owners Use a One Step Checkout Extension?

    Since 2015 Magento 2 has included a native two-steps checkout, but Magento merchants are still actively buying one-step checkout extensions. This is in contrast to Magento 1 which included a five-step checkout that helped drive the Magento community to write a variety of one-step checkout extensions. This leads to several questions including: 

    – Why do merchants still choose a one-step checkout now that Magento includes a two-step checkout? 

    – Has the demand for these extensions changed? 

    – What’s best for your store? 

    To answer these questions, we’ve leveraged data and experience that our team has accumulated.  After all, as one of the two Magento Premier Extension Partners, we’re involved with many Magento 1 to Magento 2 migrations and track the demand and requests for our extensions, including our One Step Checkout extension for Magento 2.

    Checkout trends in e-commerce

    The checkout stage just may be the most important element of the whole customer journey on your website. After all, if you can’t “seal the deal” and close a sale, all of your other hard work will be fruitless. Keep in mind that Tendencies of previous years, such as challenges with checkout conversion rates, continue to gain momentum in 2019. 

    High mobile traffic

    Mobile commerce continues growing. Today, online shops average more mobile than desktop traffic. Around 60% of traffic is mobile according to a report from Statista

    While Magento now has their PWA Studio, few merchants have implanted this technology just yet. Those that are using PWA undoubtedly have a more convenient mobile shopping experience for their customers. However, overall conversion rates for mobile devices still remains low. Mobile conversions typically only reach half of a website’s desktop conversion rate. Therefore, stores with great mobile checkouts will have a competitive advantage. 

    The high percentage of cart abandonment 

    Baymard Institute has provided a report according to which, about 70% of shoppers abandon their carts, and on average 28% of them don’t make purchases because of the long and complicated checkout process. 

    This means that your sales and revenue depend on your checkout and payment system. You need to offer a smooth and flexible payment system, which will be easy for every customer. A good checkout system can provide a tremendous advantage on the market and can increase your conversions.

    Address and zip code autofill

    Filling in address data is monotonous for your customers, but it’s necessary for online shopping. You can speed up this process via its automation. You can use zip code autofill or Google address suggestions to make the checkout process faster. Your customer can simply enter a code, and an address autocomplete module will fill in all the information about the country, region, city, and state while offering address suggestions for address variants. This speeds up the checkout process for shoppers and lowers the risk of cart abandonment.

    Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration process

    Since the launch of Magento 2, store owners started to migrate to Magento 2. This trend has been sped up since Magento, now an Adobe company, announced the end of Magento 1 support. 

    While Magento 2 offers many new features and functionalities not available in Magento 1, in most cases, if a Magento store was using a Magento Extension in their M1 store, it’s likely that they’ll choose a similar extension for M2. In the case of Amasty, we have rewritten a large percentage of our Magento 1 extension for Magento 2, making it easy for merchants to get the same modifications and additions to their Magento stores that they’ve come to rely on. 

    The benefits of the Amasty One Step Checkout

    It’s, of course, important to look at why store owners still prefer our one-step checkout.  What does this extension have special? Even with Magento 2’s two-step checkout, the answer is still convenience. Our one-step checkout increases conversion rates through a variety of features. 


    This extension includes many nuances that positively affect the mobile experience. It offers a numeric keypad for the “phone number” field instead of the standard “qwerty.”

    Magento 2 Mobile Friendly checkout


    It reminds your customer to fill in Payment and Shipping methods via a pop-up window. The mod saves your customers’ time, increasing your mobile conversion rate.


    Customize your checkout page to get more conversions. Thanks to this extension, you can test and analyze which settings bring you more conversions. You can change fonts and colors for background and heading as well as the placement of the order button and other blocks. Moreover, you have an option that lets you rearrange important fields, disable unnecessary ones, specify the names of blocks and fields, and more.

    Magento 2 Checkout Optimization

    M2 Checkout Optimization

    Magento 2.x Checkout Optimization


    With this extension, you can make data-driven decisions regarding the changes you implement to your checkout. This is due to the advanced Checkout Analytics you can find in the backend. There you can get valuable statistics about your stores, customer groups, and retailer periods. You can explore your customers’ behavior, look at checkout field completion rates, and find the most in-demand payment and shipping methods. This data will bring you important insights for your future sales strategies.

    Magento 2 Checkout Analytics


    Amasty provides 90 days of free support and 60 days of money-back guarantee for every customer. Moreover, you will have lifetime free updates of all your extensions. Also, we can help you install any mod to your Magento 2 store. You will get a high-quality installation service for an additional cost.

    Advanced features

    The module offers you some advanced options. Your shoppers can choose a convenient delivery day and time or add gift wrapping to their purchase along with a gift message. You can add promo information to the checkout page and order comments to the checkout success page.

    Magento 2 Advanced Checkout

    M2 Advanced Checkout

    See all the features for yourself, try One Step Checkout right now!

    In conclusion

    To sum it up, consumers will always dictate e-commerce trends. The primary focus is to make all the steps on your website as simple as possible. If you have a choice between a one-step and two-step checkout system, the right decision is obvious. Eventually, it will be better for your customers and the conversion rate. If you want to be the leader of the market, always pay attention to your customer’s convenience.

    About The Author
    Polina Litreyeva

    Polina Litreyeva is a technical writer at Amasty, a Magento extension development team that helps businesses by building e-commerce tools. She is passionate about describing eCommerce technology in simple language. You can find all of Polina’s articles about e-commerce on the Amasty blog.

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