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    The Best eCommerce Podcasts and Videocasts

    The Top Ecommerce Podcasts

    Podcasts and videocasts have become a great way for both new entrants and seasoned veterans of the eCommerce industry to stay “in the know”. That’s why we asked industry insiders about their favorite podcasts as part of our ongoing #CommunityCollaboration series of articles. 

    We specifically asked respondents to leave off The JetRails Podcast, as we didn’t want anyone feeling influenced as they filled out our survey. With that in mind, we’ve created 70+ episodes about eCommerce, website tech, and digital marketing available on YouTube, Facebook, and wherever you listen to podcasts! We hope you’ll give them a listen.

    Our goal was to gather unfiltered feedback, so we also asked respondents to refrain from nominating podcasts created by their own organizations. With that in mind, we are planning a follow-up where we highlight the podcasts of our partner organizations. 


    Ecommerce Aholic

    Ecommerce Aholic

    Host: TJ Gamble 

    Nominated by: Nicola Malaney, Kuehne+Nagel

    Whether TJ is live streaming or creating pre-recorded content, he pours a glass of spirits and asks the tough questions that merchants, web developers, and other members of the eCommerce community need answers to. I’m personally a subscriber and have also had the pleasure of being a guest on this particular videocast. I continue to be appreciative of TJ’s approach to his craft. If you want to stay up to date on what’s happening in ecosystems like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Shopware, TJ won’t leave you hanging. 

    To steal a common phrase from TJ, “…but don’t take my word for it.” – In this case, let’s take Nicola’s instead: eCommerce Aholic provides impactful videos that are entertaining and full of useful information for those looking to up their eCommerce game. There’s no fluff, and TJ always lets you know if there’s any bias in what he’s discussing. There’s a great mix of short, digestible content and more in-depth sessions and all of it comes with a good amount of humor.” 


    Brave Commerce Podcast

    Brave Commerce

    Hosts: Rachel Tipograph & Sarah Hofstetter

    Nominated by: Andrea Jacobs, X Agency

    While this podcast was just launched in September of 2020, Rachel and Sarah have proven to be a great team. They’ve also attracted interesting guests from brands like Kellogg’s, Kraft-Heinz, Boxed, Hershey’s, Johnson & Johnson, Constellation Brands, Kimberly-Clark, Campbell’s, Patrón, Lowe’s, Nespresso, Sabra, Revlon, Walmart, Petco, Heineken, and more. 

    As Andrea put it: “The hosts (Rachel and Sarah) are entertaining and SO knowledgeable about Ecommerce, digital marketing and business/running a business. The guests are some of the most brilliant minds in fortune 500 companies and beyond. It’s down to Earth and I always walk away with something I hadn’t previously considered. Bonus: episode length is 22-40 minutes, MAX!


    Modern Retail Podcast

    Modern Retail

    Host: Cale Weissman

    Nominated by: Hannah Byrd, AbsoluteWeb

    Modern Retail was launched in 2019 as a media company focused on retail innovation. In addition to reading the latest articles on their website, they’ve been creating podcast episodes for a year and a half. They’ve had guests from brands like Farfetch, Lands End, King Arthur Baking, Carvana, Untuckit, Clorox, Mattel, Thrive Market, Bacardi, and The Body Shop. As the mix of guests suggests, Cale covers a lot of ground in his 30 minute weekly segments, and Hannah did a superb job of expressing what’s great about this series:

    The show’s host, Cale Weissman, interviews successful leaders in the retail and D2C space. I like this show in particular, because the questions are on the side of storytelling, responding to pivotal moments in culture, and building a full experience from IRL to URL. 

    Many of the guests focus on their relationships with their customers and how they communicate with them. Community building and branding that is emotionally connective comes up on almost every episode. The guests get both very practical as well as very emotional about the journey of building their brand communities.”


    The Jason and Scot Show

    The Jason & Scot Show

    Hosts: Jason Goldberg & Scot Wingo

    Nominated by: Jeff Cohen, X-Cart + Seller Labs

    Jeff is a fan of the show because it gives him “…a chance to listen to some of the amazing guest speakers and find answers to my most burning questions, like gaining conversions during this rapidly sped up eCommerce landscape we’re living in.

    Jason and Scot have been at this a long time, and have launched over 250 episodes. How long you ask? Their first episode was published in November of 2015. An average episode is an hour-long, so strap yourself in for a deep dive into your choice of diverse eCommerce topics.


    Coffee and Commerce Podcast

    Coffee & Commerce

    Host: Gary Vaynerchuck (aka GaryVee)

    Nominated by: Ryan Sheppard, Kensium

    Gary is well known in business circles. He helped his family’s business take off and then took those skills to create a well-known marketing brand. Gary creates a tremendous amount of content which many find to be inspirational. With 3 million YouTube followers, it’s no surprise that he made the list. Ryan suggested that Gary hit the trifecta of “Content, guests, and format.” With almost 2000 total episodes in his GaryVee Audio Experience, which includes this podcast series- there’s no shortage of content to sift through.


    Ecommerce Braintrust Podcast

    Ecommerce Braintrust

    Host: Kiri Masters

    Nominated by: Matt Rickerby, Skubana

    Where Ecommerce Aholic takes focus on eCommerce platforms and their ecosystems, Ecommerce Braintrust focuses on Amazon’s ecosystem. Kiri has been creating this series since 2017 and has surpassed 180 episodes. To quote Matt: “This show is one of the few podcasts I make sure to listen to every week. The solo shows are structured without feeling that way and the guest episodes are always insightful. The host, Kiri Masters, has the depth of knowledge to propel meaningful conversations about e-commerce marketing and more. The e-commerce strategies and trends she covers are genuinely relevant to most practitioners without being too heavy for an audio format.


    Ecommerce Fuel Podcast

    Ecommerce Fuel

    Host: Andrew Youderia

    Nominated by: Jeff Cohen, X-Cart + Seller Labs

    Andrew created a closed community for Ecommerce store owners, but luckily, his podcast is open to all. Andrew was certainly early to the eCommerce podcasting space, having launched his first episode way back in 2013. There are now 300+ episodes, with new installments being published weekly.

    As Jeff suggested, “It’s a great place to discover some fresh eCommerce tactics and community stories on SEO, marketing, design, and other things.


    My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

    My Wife Quit Her Job

    Host: Steve Chou

    Nominated by: Jeff Cohen, X-Cart + Seller Labs

    This podcast series has 70+ Ecommerce episodes out of 340+ total episodes on a wide variety of topics – from buying and selling companies to blogging, and productivity. 

    Jeff specifically pointed out that “…there’s a wide variety of topics to choose from. When you are looking for some hot tips on email marketing, you listen to Sam Parr, who knows exactly how to get a million email subscribers in two years. Want to go through the latest Amazon news? No problem. There are more than 40 podcasts on that…”

    So, while this may very well be the best-named podcast to make this list, it’s also highly regarded.


    Author’s Note:

    I’ve both listened to and contributed to lots of great industry podcasts. I’m thankful for the opportunities to have joined episodes of Cart Overflow, CommerceHero, Data Rich, Ecommerce Aholic, Ecommerce Wizards, Sales&Orders – Ask An Ecommerce Partner, the Webkul Podcast, and more. 

    In addition, many well-known podcasts, like CommerceParty and MageTalk, weren’t nominated for this article (yet). With that in mind, if you’re part of a JetRails Partner organization, and you’d like to suggest an addition, please be in touch!

    In the meantime, I’m very excited to announce that The JetRails Podcast was recently bumped up to #13 on Feedspot’s list of top eCommerce podcasts! You can find lots of other eCommerce podcasts there, from Ecommerce Minute to Ecommerce Conversations.

    If you’ve enjoyed this article, check out some of these other #CommunityCollaboration articles that we’ve published. We’ve written articles chock full of insights from industry experts on topics including:

    About The Author
    Robert Rand
    Director of Partnerships & Alliances

    Robert was CTO of a successful digital agency up through its acquisition and has spent years heading up partnerships on behalf of JetRails. He’s passionate about helping businesses of all sizes overcome obstacles. He’s a frequent guest author and speaker in the industry, a top solution author in communities like the Magento Forums and Quora, and is also the host of The JetRails Podcast.

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