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AWS Management for Headless BigCommerce

The Headless Commerce hosting deployment should be as fast, scalable, and secure as the BigCommerce SaaS back-end. Using well tested platforms such as WordPress and Drupal to provide ultra-fast infrastructure, hypervigilant platform security, ability to scale, and calm experienced guidance in times of crisis, JetRails is here to help.

The JetRails ecommerce hosting platform is managed by Chicago based systems specialists who work with your development team to stabilize, optimize, and accelerate your website. We help to enforce ecommerce best practices such as security scanning, performance monitoring, DDoS shielding, staging/dev/prod separation, continuous integration/deployment, emergency operating system patching and off server backup.

No long term contracts, no vendor lock-in, no arm twisting, JetRails customers stay because they want to be here, because we go the extra mile to help them succeed!
Security updates, offsite backups, a powerful CDN, automated countermeasures, adaptive firewalls, intrusion detection, malware scanning, in-flight data encryption for enhanced security and customer data integrity.
SLA includes 100% uptime guarantee, 10 second support call pick-up, 15 min. ticket responses, and a culture of accountability. We take these commitments to heart.
The JetRails onboarding team makes it easy and seamless to migrate to JetRails.
Fully Managed AWS Cloud for Headless Commerce
AWS Cloud deployments are customized for each customer, there are no cookie-cutter solutions at JetRails. We take the time to right-size the initial deployment to maximize performance and minimize the monthly cost.
Optimized for Wordpress and Drupal
  • Web Nodes 2x Accelerated
  • Auto Scaling Built-In
  • EC2 2,908 Hours
  • Data Transfer 1.1 TB
  • Admin Server Optional
  • Global CDN Cloudflare
  • EBS Storage 700 GB
  • Shared Storage 240 GB
  • MySQL RDS Aurora
  • RDS Cluster 1,488 Hours
  • RDS Storage 90 GB
  • RDS I/O 25 Million
  • Managed
    OS, Services, Firewall, WAF
$3,800 Monthly
  • Web Nodes 8x Accelerated
  • Auto Scaling Built-In
  • EC2 8,183 Hours
  • Data Transfer 1.2 TB
  • EBS Storage 970 GB
  • Shared Storage 10 GB
  • Redis Cluster 2,232 Hours
  • ElasticSearch 744 Hours
  • ElasticSearch 100 GB
  • RDS Cluster 2,232 Hours
  • RDS Storage 275 GB
  • RDS I/O 150 Million
  • Managed
    OS, Services, Firewall, WAF
$11,780 Monthly
  • Web Nodes 11x Accelerated
  • Auto Scaling Built-In
  • EC2 12,647 Hours
  • Data Transfer 7.5 TB
  • EBS Storage 4.4 TB
  • Shared Storage 1.1 GB
  • Redis Cluster 8,928 Hours
  • ElasticSearch 4,435 Hours
  • MySQL RDS Aurora
  • RDS Storage 600 GB
  • RDS Cluster 9,672 Hours
  • RDS I/O 210 Million
  • Managed
    OS, Services, Firewall, WAF
$23,800 Monthly
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Call us at:1 (888) 997-2457
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